Noetic Field Therapy

Receiving a Noetic Field Therapy session is like allowing profound grace and sacredness to surface in awareness. The blocks to one's joyful fulfillment in life are simply dissolved. Emotional, mental and physical struggles and conflicts are relieved through love and forgiveness. Metaphysical tuning is combined with conscious, verbal counseling. Sessions last about an hour and a half in which the practitioner speaks with the client while working directly with the energy field around the client's body. The client need only relax peacefully.

ReConnective Therapy

ReConnective Therapy is a powerful, efficient, fast and graceful means to healing. It works by activating the client's life force within and throughout their mind and body. Treatments with RCT maximize the potential for positive effects by letting the client's own body and essence direct the healing process. The practitioner simply provides a high frequency vibration within his being for the client to resonate with, opening to a greater level of wellbeing and vitality. These frequencies work to naturally create greater health physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as on the level of one's soul and life path. A client need not do anything to receive an RCT treatment, which can be quickly performed in person or even remotely, making RCT excellent for helping even children or pets.

Devin Green

Devin Portrait

Devin Green lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has trained and practiced in
Noetic Field Therapy, ReConnective Therapy and other healing approaches. He has been treating clients around the United States since 2006.

His purpose is to accept the perfection of God, that is, through forgiveness, and is a stand, with the beingness of love, for your holiness.